Another unforgettable milestone celebrated at Club Burleigh! Miller recently celebrated his 18th birthday with us, and we were stoked to be a part of his special night! Check out mum’s feedback

July 8, 2024

Club Burleigh recently celebrated Miller’s 18th birthday, marking another unforgettable milestone at the venue. Miller and his guests had a fantastic time, and his mother, Elise, shared her positive feedback about the event.

Elise expressed her gratitude to Terina, highlighting her exceptional personal care and professionalism in organizing the event. The tables were beautifully set, and communication with the balloon lady for decorations went smoothly. Elise was able to simply place the cake on the cake plinth without any hassle.

The food at Miller’s 18th birthday party was a hit, with guests raving about the delicious pizzas and pastas. Many attendees even mentioned that the gnocchi was the best they had ever tasted, a testament to the chef and kitchen staff’s skills. The service provided by the Club Burleigh staff was also excellent, contributing to the overall success of the celebration.

Elise concluded her feedback by expressing her appreciation for Club Burleigh and its staff, looking forward to hosting another function at the venue soon. The positive review serves as a testament to the outstanding service and quality that Club Burleigh consistently delivers for special occasions.