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Specialist Management services to ensure
your venue thrives


Gaming strategy and product management are vital to the success of any venue. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your gaming venue.

HCS provides invaluable strategic advice ensuring your venue purchase the correct product, achieves the right denomination mix. while ensuring that your gaming floor flows appropriately to maximise net revenue for each and every machine by implementing machines in the best positions possible.


The planning, execution and development of a successful gaming floor is dependent on finding and maintaining the right balance. Developing a strategic plan tailored for your venue, HCS ensure that you have the right mix between maximising revenue and space, directing the flow of players through the gaming floor to easily find their favourite machine, highlighting new or favourable win rate products and making sure that guests feel safe and comfortable at your venue.


HCS provides a continuous review and analysis service for each product and game in your venue. We also provide you with an assessment of the gaming floor in its entirety. This is essential to ensure that your venue keeps abreast of market trends and continuously explores new opportunities to maximise machine profitability.


HCS have the ability to consolidate our planning and strategy for over 1,700 machines nationwide, between six clubs and 18 hotels throughout both Queensland and South Australia.

This strengthens our position and enables our team to negotiate attractive national pricing with all gaming machine providers. For example, in a 200 machine venue, we are capable of delivering annual savings of generally around $700k.

Recommending a 20 per cent fleet upgrade per annum, we are often able to negotiate with manufacturers to get ongoing game changes and upgrades at zero to minimal cost or with a considerable discount, even outside of warranty periods.

This ensures that you not only have the best available product from all manufacturers, but you also get your machines changed or upgraded at any time required, with minimal cash impact on your venue.

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