Project Description

Specialist Marketing Management services
to attract new members and boost player spend.

In this highly legislated and competitive industry, our Group Marketing and Operations Manager’s role is to lead and manage your Promotions and Marketing Coordinator, helping them to develop appropriate campaigns and execute these promptly.

Creating venue efficiency through our
shared marketing services

HCS provide our marketing expertise as a shared service amongst multiple venues, many of whom experience similar challenges such as seasonal impacts (e.g. tax time, school holidays, Christmas). This is highly advantageous to each of our clubs, as we can collaborate and share marketing concepts, creative concepts, and align communications, which significantly reduces each venue’s marketing costs.

Further to this, it is difficult to find employees who have specific gaming marketing expertise; namely analytical skills and a good understanding of the various acts, legislation or codes that are necessary for a gaming environment.

Unless there is a broad skillset and several team members, including a marketing manager through to a data analyst and promotions coordinator, these marketers are often producing marketing collateral that lacks real substance or rationale.

Our Group Marketing and Operations Manager has an exceptional knowledge of all associated acts, legislation and various codes of conduct, as well as a deep understanding of player behaviour. Possessing strong analytical skills, HCS provides each of our venues with valuable insights, enabling us to develop well-considered strategies further to increase active members, boost individual player value and create more loyalty for your venue.

Developing intelligent marketing strategies
based on player behaviour

By understanding the behaviour of players, how often they visit, how long they spend at your venue, and their value to your business. Our Group Marketing and Operations Manager develops effective marketing strategies that correspond to your overall business objectives, including turnover, revenue and EBITARD.

We analyse the data to give you
key member insights

Data analysis is key to understanding members and finding the pockets of opportunity at you venue. By determining player visit and spend behaviour, our Group Marketing and Operations Manager assists you to communicate with each and every patron of your venue effectively.

From providing food and beverage offers at the right time, through to sending targeted offers to existing players and potential sourcing players through promotions, we use data modelling that is beyond basic tier segmentation or demographic breakdowns.

More than merely providing numbers on a page, our analytics provide insights that help you to forward plan and develop marketing campaigns tailored for various database segments, which allows us to use your budgeted AEMP more effectively.

Getting the most out of your AEMP spend

Effective Advertising, Entertainment Marketing Promotions (AEMP) spend is essential and we see many venues who overspend in this area in an attempt to buy short-term market share. HCS work together with you on longer-term goals to ensure that members visit the property more often over time and increase their share of wallet with your venue, instead of spending with your competitor.

To find out more about our marketing and loyalty
management services, please get in touch
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