Our loyal VIP patrons enjoying their special VIP event last Friday night! Hope you all had a beautiful evening, and thanks for allowing us to spoil you!

June 3, 2024

Our dedicated VIP guests had a wonderful time at their exclusive event last Friday night! It was a delightful evening filled with special treats and pampering. We are grateful for the opportunity to spoil our VIP patrons and show our appreciation for their loyal support.

A big congratulations to Suzette, who was the lucky winner of Terina’s Surprise Envelope! Inside the envelope was $1000 in cash, making it a truly special and exciting moment for her. We are thrilled to see our guests enjoying themselves and winning fantastic prizes at our events.

It’s always a pleasure to host our VIP nights and express our gratitude to our loyal patrons. We look forward to more special events like this in the future to provide our VIP guests with unforgettable experiences and surprises. Thank you to all our VIP members for making these events memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.