Gaming Strategy & Product Management


WE PROVIDE Specialist Management services to ensure your venue thrives GAMING STRATEGY Gaming strategy and product management are vital to the success of any venue. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your gaming venue. HCS provides invaluable strategic advice ensuring your venue purchase the correct product, achieves the right denomination mix. while [...]

Operations Services


WE PROVIDE Specialist Operational Management services to increase your business efficiences Our QLD Group Operations Manager oversees all operations across all HCS managed venues. This includes food and beverage, negotiating with suppliers, human resource management, labour and cost management, as well as developing all policies and procedures. Achieving an increased gross profit for [...]

Design & Construction Services


WE PROVIDE Specialist Design & Construction services to transform your venue Covering a diverse array of hospitality construction, from pubs, clubs and hotel accommodation facilities through to Living Choice Retirement Group projects, our design and construction division has extensive industry expertise in all areas of building and development. Led by our General Manager [...]

Marketing Loyalty Services


WE PROVIDE Specialist Marketing Management services to attract new members and boost player spend. In this highly legislated and competitive industry, our Group Marketing and Operations Manager’s role is to lead and manage your Promotions and Marketing Coordinator, helping them to develop appropriate campaigns and execute these promptly. Creating venue efficiency through ourshared [...]

Financial Services


WE PROVIDE Specialist Financial Management services to grow your profitability With a team of CPA qualified accountants and full administration support, our Group Financial Manager, manages all facets of your venue’s financial requirements. From budget development and revenue through to debt management, detailed weekly cash low management reports, depreciation schedules and ATO/BAS reporting, [...]

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